London and Denmark experiences explained! By Olivia Arroyo and Sami Miller

Olivia Arroyo is in the middle of her semester in London.  She Writes:

Studying abroad in London with St. Lawrence University has been an incredible experience. The city has a classic beauty and there seems to be a historic landmark on almost every corner. The course work is also engaging and we have weekly trips to museums and the theater. The plays I have seen have been  one of my favorite portions of this trip. We’ve seen a various array, from classic Shakespearean to modern productions.

Over the break I was able to take a trip to Paris and explore an impressionist museum, visit Oscar  Wilde’s grave, and  climb the Eiffel Tower.

On the weekends I enjoy visiting the Notting Hill market and strolling through Regents parks as well as exploring used book shops. After the semester ends I’m looking forward to my month-long internship at Bloomsbury Publishing Company (in London).  London is incredible. This past week I went to an amazing west end political play, walked the red carpet at BFI film festival, and our class got an exclusive tour of Tate Modern. 

Sami Miller is in the middle of her semester in Denmark.  She writes: 

Having the opportunity to spend a semester abroad is a life-changing experience that I would recommend to every student out there. Not only are you given the ability to expand your horizons and learn about new cultures, but you are forced to take care of yourself and live a normal life in a completely foreign environment. In Copenhagen, Denmark the culture is far from similar to that of America’s. From the extremely difficult language, to the way the Danes dress, and their traditional foods, the culture was something I had to get used to. I was lucky enough to receive an incredible host family who will be part of my life forever. With their support, I have experienced an amazing Danish home life combined with interaction with Americans at school during the day. I have explored the cobble stone streets, have had too much ice cream alongside the harbor, and have ridden almost every ride at the amusement park in the center of the city.  Copenhagen is a hidden gem of Europe and will forever be a second home of mine.


My program also allows us the opportunity to travel three separate weeks throughout the semester. Combined with that and many weekend trips, it is safe to say I will have traveled around most of Europe by the time December arrives. Berlin, Germany was an incredible city filled with history, art, and delicious food. Tours, sites, and exploring provide me with an unforgettable week. Seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris will forever be a top memory of mine as well as relaxing in the gardens of Luxembourg Palace. In Rome, gazing at the trevi fountain was a dream come true alongside the Colluseum and other wonders. The rest of the semester, I will hit Mykonos of the Greek Islands, Prague, London, Switzerland, Naples in Italy, and Barcelona. With these travels, I will leave Europe with a lifetime of amazing memories. 


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